Available courses

The FOSTER Science Program is an outreach program within the Faculty of Science at Memorial University (MUN) dedicated to increasing STEM activities and opportunities across Newfoundland and Labrador.  Our intention is to support educators in our province by offering an increase in science literacy within our province.  As part of this initiative, this scientific resources course has been designed to allow educators to supplement their scientific curriculum with hands-on experimental and affordable activities to spark further curiosity in learning science.  In addition to documents for experiments and demonstrations which include background information and procedures and which can be modified by individual educators to be suitable for their grade level and topic discussions within their classrooms, videos to help educators in using these experiments in their classrooms and suggestions for extended learning are available.  Career development videos with local scientists discussing their careers and educational stories are also available.    

Welcome to the Lab Safety Awareness for Non-Lab Workers training course. All topics in the course must be visited for the final quiz to be released. In order to successfully complete this course, a score of 100% must be achieved on the quiz. You have three (3) attempts at the quiz to achieve 100%. If you do not successfully complete the course with the attempts provided, please contact Dr. Rod Hobbs at bso@mun.ca